27th April 2018


Why use a professional photographer for your headshot?

First impressions count, your image has the potential to be very powerful in business.  It speaks your brand and can connect you to your ideal clients.  We need our image to communicate approachability, capability and trust.  A professional photographer can work with you and help to showcase your uniqueness and personality.  Take an honest look at your headshot today and decide if it’s truly working for you and your business.

Here are some tips and advice to get you started and achieve the perfect headshot!


1 When you’re having your photograph taken, how we feel emotionally on the inside, can be revealed through our body language.  It’s important to think positive thoughts, get relaxed, comfortable and energized, so we can express our confident self and true personality on the outside.


2 Great facial and eye expression, is so powerful. It can communicate a visual language, which engages and holds the attention of the viewer and that, can lead to endless opportunities.  Check that your eyes are focused on or just above the lens, to achieve a great connection with your social media audience.  Having a softer facial expression, with a warm smile and showing your teeth (yes, I know… nobody likes showing their teeth) communicates approachability, so clients are more likely to contact you.     


3 Presenting a smart appearance shows you care about yourself and this reflects your business.  I’m not suggesting you change who you are but like it or not, people make very quick judgements on your picture, so it needs to enhance your best side.   Choose clothes that are one block colour, busy patterns can be distracting.  Bringing a few different outfits along is a great idea and gives you lots of options to choose from, especially if you have PR or Press calling you for your picture on a regular basis!


4.  One of my favourite headshots is Wendy from wendybfloraldesigns in Lavenham, she had a large delivery of the most beautiful flowers that day.  I used them as the background and created a colourful blur, so not to distract the main focus of the picture.   You can still make out they’re flowers, and Wendy has a warm welcoming glow.  It’s a simple shot that tells a meaningful story about her business.  I think this type of headshot is great for people who are from the creative industry or sell an interesting product or service.  However, it may not lend itself to every business and my professional mobile studio is a great alternative solution to achieve a fabulous business profile.  It’s especially good for companies with a number of employees who need to have presence on the website or are active on social media.  The best bit is, I come to you, so there’s minimal disruption when getting all your photographs done!    




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