Improve your Social Media through pictures

10th September 2018

Headshot and lifestyle photography shoot

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, your blog, your website – all of these will be improved by a great portrait which tells the viewer something about you.

It’s important that your headshot reflects your expertise and connects you to the right people – a sense of warmth, confidence and trust will attract new clients, open opportunities and enhance your brand.

Once that initial connection has been made, you need to showcase yourself and your business, telling your story through lifestyle imagery.

Your personal narrative demonstrates the unique selling points of your service or product in a way that stock pictures just can’t. I offer a photography package that gives you both a headshot and a lifestyle shoot.

My top tips

· Think carefully about the background. Populate it with objects that will help tell your story or enhance your product. Too much clutter can be distracting: keep it clean and simple.

· Do your research. Have a look at what your competitors are doing. I’m not suggesting you copy them, but it can help to springboard ideas.

· Google Images is a good place to start: if you connect with a picture, use it to make a mood board. This really helps to get the images you want and avoid misunderstandings.

· Get lots of variations. Using the same image over and over can become dull and uninspiring.

Now, let’s meet a client…

Recently, I worked with Anna from AEG Nutrition. She runs workshops to help her clients to make healthy food and lifestyle choices and felt she would benefit from a series of images showing her looking relaxed and approachable in her working environment.

People love to know what happens ‘behind the scenes’: pictures of you (and your team, if you have one) in your working environment help to build trust. Anna often uses a holiday cottage on her farm for nutritional workshops. Seeing her at work in there sets the scene and reassures potential clients that they’ll be in a safe (and in this case, rather stunning!) environment.

We started there and photographed Anna preparing delicious food, doing research, phoning clients and relaxing. We then moved outside for a series of headshots around the farm using different backgrounds. The whole shoot was completed within hours and we created a set of beautiful portraits to showcase both Anna and her business.



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